Transverter Customer Support

Detailed help and advice on installation, operation and software is availabled from the dealer or distributor where you purchased your Transverter equipment. Frequently return to this page for the latest updates, software, firmware and manuals.

Transverter Software

The Transverter software currently runs under Java on computers with Windows 7, 10 & 11 . You should download the version of Java needed from support/jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe and then install it.

To install the Transverter software run  SETUP_HT2000_12-10-14-01.exe.

Then update it with UPDATE_HT2000_12-05-12-02.exe. You need to plug in the USB cable to a TREM remote panel that is powered up in order to finish the installation of the USB driver.  To do this run support/zadig-2.8.exe and select libusb-win32 and then click Install WCID driver.

This will create new subdirectories on your computer C:\AVR with subdirectories called cfg & log and several others. When you save a configuration file always give it the suffix of .cfg. It will end up in C:\AVR\cfg. If you download or receive a configuration file from an email you should save it to C:\AVR\cfg. If you save a data log file it will be saved to C:\AVR\log.

Download the Transverter Engineering Tool Manual.

Copy this hlab2014.xml preference file into the C:\AVR\prefs directory. Then, within the TEA program select Windows/Settings/PREFS and use the top pulldown menu to select hlab2014.xml.

Keep it Simple

We also have simpler dedicated programs in C++ under development. To install the software run setup_transverter_apps_0.7.exe. After it is plugged into a working TREM remote panel you need to install the USB driver.  To do this run support/zadig-2.8.exe and select libusb-win32 and then click Install WCID driver.The first one, htconfig.exe, simply saves your configuration to a file, loads a configuration from a file and saves the configuration permantely. These config files are stored in C:\AVR\cfg.

The second program, HtDalaLog.exe, is to download the datalog to a file. These log files are stored in C:\AVR\log.

The third, HtT13X.exe, is to control the T13X and access the status and measurements This also includes an API to facilitate interfacing to custom programs and embedding into systems. If you want to integrate the Transverter data and control into your own application then contact us to get access to the API.

HtPowerModule.exe is to view the data coming in live from the Power Modules and change the configuration parameters while it is running. Increase font size with "+" and decrease with "-"..

Transverter Remote Panel Firmware

The Transverter firmware will be updated periodically on this web page. The latest version is trem-2.41.hex. Download it to C:\AVR\bootloader\bin. Then run the HT2000 software and select File/UPDATE REM CODE and select "use the local file".

Transverter FPGA Firmware

The Transverter FPGA firmware is updated periodically on this web page. The latest version is TR3AF623.mcs.  Download it to C:/AVR/MCS. Then run the HT2000 software and select File/Flash/"Restore Xilinx Code from File" and then select the file you downloaded. The next time you completely shut off the remote panel so that there is no display and then restart it you will have the new version loaded in.

Transverter Documentation

Videos:  Basic Residential SystemPower Down & Power UP Troubleshooting

We will be continually updating and adding to our documentation. either view them live on-line by simply clicking on the link or download them by right clicking and choosing "Save link as".
Installation Manual HT2000_Installation_Guide.pdf
Operators Manual HT2000_Operations_Manual.pdf
Wiring Diagram 2 phase Wiring_Diagram_2P-HT200.pdf
Wiring Diagram 2 phase with T13X Wiring_Diagram_2P-HT200_&_HT13X.pdf

Application notes:
T13X wiring and use (important) HT13Xapp1.doc
Wiring Diagram 3 phase Wiring_Diagram_3P-HT200.pdf

You can get dimensional drawings from the products pages:
HT2000 Power Module
HTREM Remote Panel
T13X Smart Grid Panel

Installation and Operation Videos:
Typical Residence Video
Power OFF & Power ON of Transverter System
Transverter Troubleshooting

Transverter Tools

Configuration Tool

This tool is an Excel file that allows you to analyze a configuration file and see all the configuration for all of the power modules and the T13X on the same page. It then lets you change some of the parameters and create a new configuration file which you can then load into the remote. You will need Excel 2007 or later and have to enable macros. Don't forget that the configuration files are stored at C:\AVR\cfg and should alway end in .csv. Store this in C:\AVR\cfg  ConfigTool8.xlsm  Look at the tabs the explain things.

Datalog Tool

This tool is an Excel file that allows you to analyze the data log files. Download data24.xlsx into C:\AVR\log. You will need Excel 2007 or later. To use this tool you must first download the datalog file. In the HT2000 software select "Data Logging/"Data Log Acess/"Read Entire Data Log" and give it a name. Then open it up as a text file in Excel. Setect all of the columns from A - BCN. Then open C:\AVR\log\data24.xlxm. Go to the first worksheet called data. Put your cursor at the very first cell (A1). Hit ctrl-V to paste the data into the worksheet. Then look at all of the other worksheets and you will see the data and all kinds of graphs. You can look at the formulas and change them to do whatever you want. The data log can be up to 10 times as big as this. You can select other portions of the cata and copy and paste back into data of data24.xlsm. In the main worksheet you can see the dates and times. For instance you could celect the data of columns BAA-DDN. If you had your sample rate set to 1 minute then this would give 24 hours of data. You can set the sample rate anywhere from 1 second to 16 minutes.

You can download another tool for half as much data at data12.xlsx.

You can download a similar tool for T13X data at T13X24.xlsx.

For 3 phase systems set the datalog to log 4 power modules. Download data243P.xlsx to view this data.

You can view 2 power modules and a T13X together using data24PM2T13X.xlsx

To make this work you have to set up the data log like it is logging 5 power modules. In the TEA program, open a Xilinx Ram box that includes the address 408. If you set this M408 = 0250 then it logs PM1, PM2, PM3 and T13X. In TEA, at the top of the screen, you have pull down boxes for minutes & seconds and numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32 to set the sample rate.

Useful Accessories

The split core 100 amp current transformers that can be used to monitor the total grid current for the T13X can be gotten from Digi-key made by LEM USA Inc part # TT 100-SD.

The remote has a USB 2.0 connection and the maximum length for USB 2.0 cables is 15 feet. Belkin makes a product that can sit next to the Remote panel and convert the USB to ethernet so it can be available on any computer in the building via the ethernet network. The Belkin F5L009 is out of stock right now in many places but you can get it at Amazon bundled with a small router at Amazon Belkin Bundle. You can also find them used or at other stores.

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