Energy Intelligence Starts with Intense Deep Data Acquisition

U.S. Patent #6,344,985, European Patent #1 340 312 and other patents pending.

The Transverter system has 2 data streams, a fast oscilloscope level analysis of voltage, current and instantaneous power and scalar values which include true RMS readings of all AC voltages and currents, the power in each AC cycle, all DC voltages and currents on the power modules and 2 temperature readings from the power modules. The complete set of data is updated through the entire system 35 times per second so response is essentially in real time even when it is a complicated decision requiring many variables.

All the scalar values are stored in the datalog flash on the remote at selectable sample rates from 1 sec. to 16 min. Each power module and the T13X store 32 values each per sample. The flash holds the most recent 14,000 samples. This is way too much data for global control of the grid so it is heavily compressed into mathematical models so that the equations can be sent only once and the coefficients updated periodically. This sets the stage for very sophisticated local logic and control which responds to cruder general guidelines from the grid. It is also easy to consolidate this data into simple, easy to understand graphics that animate in real time. See the system working (flash)

Automatic Advanced Data Analysis & Modeling Stored in Flash

Data over 4 days. You can see the red power from solar, the blue power to the battery.

You can see the red cycling of the frig and the daily pump.

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